07.17.13. I am so in love with Beauty Forever's 'Nastier' Snapback that is exclusive only to Karmaloop! Of course, i needed to pair this bad ass snapback with the trillest print right now in my opinion -- bandana! I am wearing O-mighty's black bandana halter top and red bandana skirt! Halter tops are my obsession right now, they keep you so cool during the summer~ And another one of my obsessions right now is allll of o-mighty's skirts! And for my shoes I am wearing Jeffrey Campbell's Randie, they reflect so beautifully in the daylight! 


Dominique Nghiem 


  1. Paisley in clashing colors worn together is so appealing!

    The Fashann Monster

  2. gorgeous look! Im really loving the two paisley items, awesome!!!

    Hayley xx


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