07.19.13. Another day at the OC fair with Stephanie of Citizen5nakeMiju of DearMiju, and Davie! I love to wear a lot of color so these she inside shorts are absolutely perfect! It is kinda like the tie dye velvet garter leggings that i wore the first time i went to the fair this summer but pretty much in a comfy track short version! I love the slits on the side, and elastic waistbanded shorts are my favs because it conforms to all types of body shapes! For my top, I am wearing Redrock's God was a Raver bralet! I'm too impatient to wait to wear this to Hard Summer (why are music festivals in LA always so late?!) and neededdd to wear it somewhere fun so i decided to wear it today! It matches with my fav ofwgkta socks that are grey and pink and yellow, a man carrying the cutest baby in the world complimented me on the donuts on my socks.. i think he wanted to eat donuts.. cause that's what i want whenever i wear these socks.. And to carry around my wallet and car keys, i wore my spacer pack by unif from karmaloop! I am also wearing these cute sunnies from edge of urge to shade my eyes from harsh uv rays!


Dominique Nghiem 

I love how the orange whose legs go on for days is trying to get miju's attention!! 

Me, Stephanie, and Davie : (n___n)  Miju: 8) 


  1. You look absolutely amazing! Love your shorts and backpack <3


  2. Love love love your backpack! Amazing look and photos dear xx


  3. I'm obsessed with your style! I wish more people were comfortable enough to rock platforms and holograms! You're an inspiration!

  4. You're freaking adorable. Okay? Okay.



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