I needed you more when we wanted us less

06.09.13. Practically living on roof tops now. It's just so peaceful and private and you can just sit and stare as the world goes by. Well yesterday it wasn't so private, a lot of people were on their balcony and were gawking at me and my friends chill. But I am so in love with these daily look summertime creepers! I am wearing them a lot lately because they are so comfy and still keep you lookin hella dope! I am really liking comfy yet practical clothing right now. Probably because i'm always doing something and am never in one place for so long. I can never go wrong in a muscle tank for that look and feel! This muscle tank top from jawbreaking is so rad-- it says LIFE WAS RADICAL on it! I threw on my unif carnaby skirt and put on my nose ring and stuffed all my shit in my daily look backpack and head out of my house to play 


Dominique Nghiem 


  1. This is amazinggggg! Girl you are on fiyahh!



  2. Lookin fabulous
    xxx from Sweden

  3. Such gorgeous photos, I love the outfit!

    Style Infatuation

  4. This is such a badass outfit! Love the shoes, bag, and pretty much everything! And I could hardly recognize b/c of the hair change! (Which looks awesome on you!)

  5. The backpack is the best!!



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